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GSI is a full service Private Investigative firm, serving Businesses, Government and Individuals since 1976. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, GSI has a wide range of Clients across America and in more than two dozen countries, world-wide. Whatever your need, great or small -- everything from International Counter-Intelligence or Counter-Terrorism to Domestic problems -- you can be assured that we will give your issue our utmost attention and greatest efforts. At GSI, the realized value of our professionalism and results-oriented approach has earned us praise, respect and appreciation from the thousands of Clients who have come to us for help in their time of need.

At GSI, we believe that our services should cost you nothing. By that, we mean that the cost of employing our services should be significantly less than the emotional or financial cost of your doing nothing about a problem or issue of concern. In other words, it is our sincere intention that the value of the services that we provide to you should be worth much more to you than the emotional or financial cost of your doing nothing.
The cost of the Executive Protection Services that we offer shouldn't even be comparable to avoiding the risk, injury or loss of a key business person or a family member. What value do you place on your peace-of-mind or on avoiding possible negative re-direction of your time and thoughts, with worrying about their safety and personal security?

What might be the ultimate price of a bad decision? Important decisions that we make should first follow our consideration of “Best Practices” or cost versus benefit. It is very important to us that the benefits which we provide you far exceeds the cost or risks you might face without retaining our services. We never suggest paying a thousand dollars to solve a fifty dollar problem, but if our services actually save you many thousands, for the cost of only hundreds, we will be delighted. Should we accept your case, you'll know it's because we believe that on the cost/benefit scale, what you pay us will be but a fraction of the value of the benefits that you will receive.

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