Special Operations

Terrorism has evolved over several decades from a tactic of inducing fear in select populations to a transnational threat of strategic proportions perpetrated primarily by groups of violent extremists. The USA, its strategic partner nations, other Western societies, and emerging democracies are frequent targets. Whether the extremists are local insurgents or members of an international network, they are terrorists if they are non-state actors who use violence or the threat of violence to instill fear and coerce governments or societies.

At Global Security and Information we are committed to the USA and her allies.

It’s not just about fighting terrorist, it’s about the skills necessary to accomplish the mission.

Our skilled operators come from some of the best units, with the best training in the world, and they are ready to deploy world wide (OCONUS) on a contract basis.

For every mission, we have a dedicated Intelligence Analyst giving support from start to finish. Our analyst work behind-the-scenes to support and provide intelligence to the Operators in the field.

  • Language Facilitator
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Counter Intelligence Operators
  • Counter Terrorism Specialists
  • Special Activity Teams
  • Perimeter Security
  • GPS Vehicle/Object/Asset Tracking - Worldwide
  • Counter Narcotics-Terrorism Police Advisor
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Personal/Executive Protection (PSD) Services
  • Polygraph Examiner Services
  • Suspicious Deaths and Suicides Investigated
  • Technical Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures/Debugging Services
  • Vehicle / Watercraft / Aircraft Ownership Information
  • Video Surveillance (Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Available)
  • World Wide Background Information