Government Services

At GSI, we work with both federal and state agencies under a contract or case by case basis. Our trained professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from military, special operations, federal, and state agencies.

As crime increases nationwide, Global Security and Information (GSI) has recognized the need for cooperation and coordination of investigative efforts with Federal, State and local counterparts. This cooperation provides several advantages to all participating agencies. GSI continues to work with multiple task forces across many different agencies. These Agencies are able to draw on the expertise of GSI Investigator and Operators.

GSI investigates, and shares resources with taskforces officers in Federal, State and local agencies, thereby increasing the investigative possibilities available to all.

GSI Agents, Operators and Investigators have worked with many Federal, State and local agencies to include but not limited to;

· JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force)

· National Security Branch

· Major Crimes: Organized Crime Division

· CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

· FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

· Secret Service

· OGA (Other Government Agencies)

· NSA (National Security Agency)

· State Highway Patrol

· ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)

· DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

· US State Department

· US Military Intelligence

· US Special Operations

The professionals at Global Security and Information will meet and exceed your expectations.

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